Stay Young Bundle


This Stay Young Bundle contains everything you need to help you tone up, slim down and stay young!

Portion Pots® provide perfect portion control in one scoop.

Magic Measure® lets you see at a glance how many inches you have lost from around your body.

The Ultimate Whole Body Workout DVD does exactly what it says – and contains a chair based workout for the less mobile.

The Secrets of Staying Young tells you everything you need to know about exercise, style, make up and making the best of yourself at whatever age.

Now you can buy all these motivating products in one value-for-money bundle.

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Everything you need to help you tone up, slim down and stay young!

Perfect portion control in one scoop! RRP £4.49 per set

My revolutionary Portion Pots™ are a designed so that you can take a scoop of cereal, rice, pasta and other basic foods to give you the perfect portion. A set of four pots comes with an easy guide to explain which colour pot holds how much of various everyday foods and the equivalent number of calories.  

Motivating Magic Measure RRP £3.99

If you are watching your weight, my revolutionary Magic Measure® works as a brilliant motivator. Easy to use it comprises a tape measure onto which you clip one of the colour coded tags, (different colours for each part of your body), so that you can measure your progress. There are ‘fat’ tags that fix permanently when you start your weight-loss campaign and there are ‘slim’, removable, tags that can be moved along as you shed your unwanted inches. Result? At a glance, you can see how many inches you have lost.

Ultimate Whole Body Workout DVD RRP £9.99

We all know that staying active is vital to our health and wellbeing. This is one of my all-time favourite fitness DVDs because it offers a selection of workouts. It includes aerobics, toning and there’s even a chair workout for those who prefer exercising sitting down. There really is something for everyone.

Secrets of Staying Young RRP £20

This full-colour, hard-back, comprehensive guide to staying fit, feeling healthy and holding back the years, offers some great tips to help us feel our absolute best. Including recipes, exercises, style and make-up advice, Rosemary’s Secrets of Staying young book really does cover everything.

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