Amazing Inch Loss Plan

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Lose weight like never before with this tried & tested plan. Medically approved, this plan is easy to follow and provides a safe long-term way of keeping the weight off. It will transform your helath and you confidence as well as your figure.

In trials a team of 50 dieters, aged between 18 and 70, lost a total of 50 stone in just 28 days!

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Published in 2011, this revised edition of Rosemary’s Amzing Inch Loss Plan was tried and tested by both new dieters and some who had been dieting for a while but seen their weight loss stall. This diet works and providing you stick to it to the letter you will see incredible results on the scales. Do the recomended daily exercises as well and not only will you lose weight but you will also shed an amazing number of inches from around your body.

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